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Southsea, UK – 02/12/2015

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EDEN GATE PICTURES releases the first official teaser trailer for the new captivating, feature-length documentary ‘Chosen Men’.

CHOSEN MEN is an independent documentary exploring the changing identities of the modern day infantry soldier and the challenges faced upon returning to ‘civvy street’.  The film follows filmmaker and former Rifleman of the Royal Green Jackets Aaron Sayers, as he returns to his military roots.

Eden Gate Pictures aim is to engage with audiences, particularly veterans and serving soldiers in the telling of this important story, and develop a following ahead of the Chosen Men theatrical release next summer.

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“The stories of homeless veterans on the streets and those medically discharged have flooded the media in recent years, this documentary will portray the more typical young veterans who left service and started again.” Aaron Sayers

Through unprecedented access to new recruits, serving soldiers and veterans of the Rifle regiments (The Royal Green Jackets, now The Rifles), the documentary seeks to represent the journey taken to become a soldier, the experiences and camaraderie of service and the transition back to civilian life, returning to what was left as a boy, as an adult.  The film documents the pride and successes of Riflemen past and present but also the struggles, sadness and loss of veterans and serving soldiers forever proud to hold the title of Rifleman.

The teaser trailer has been released today. It contains footage shot back in 2006 of soldiers training prior to operational deployment to Iraq and later Afghanistan; where their lives would forever be changed. Their stories have been captured and are shared in the film. Interviews with young veterans, who have served on operational tours around the world give a brief insight into the camaraderie of service and hint at the difficulties faced in their transition back to ‘civvy street’ and where the film’s story begins.

The soundtrack is performed by ‘The Band and Bugles of The Rifles’ which features in the well-known Sharpe TV Series where Sean Bean plays an Officer of the 95th Rifles.  The title sequence was shot using macro photography filming techniques within a controlled studio environment, to capture the detail of the hand painted miniatures of the 95th Rifles from the Napoleonic era; a nod to the proud history of the regiment and the origins of the Chosen Men. and its social media channels can be followed for all the latest news. Veterans and serving soldiers can also contact us through these pages.


About the Director & Producer

Aaron Sayers has worked in numerous roles across the film and theatre industries since leaving the Army in 2002.  He has spent several years working as a freelance camera operator, primarily working in documentary.  Aaron has directed several award nominated short films and has produced independent British feature films for international audiences.

‘Chosen Men’ is Aaron’s first documentary feature film as Director and Producer, taking him back to his military roots.

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